I was fitted with IMPRESSIONS by TRULIFE but don’t seem to see alot of this in the catalogues even though this is fairly new - brought out in 2012. I am 36D and was recommended to take a size 10 but I feel so huge in them so am going back for a re-fit next Tuesday. Also when I bend the prothesis ‘flops’ forward. Bought 6 bras yesterday with larger cups as been wearing wrong cup all these years at the M&S sales.Has anyone had this prothesis?
Also I really want the Amoena Contact and thought of buying one myself, or should I manage with only one and get the Contact from my BCN? Been spending alot of time looking at adhesives for Breastforms so I can use with my Trulife but just wonder how reliable these adhesive pads are. Most of the websites offering this service is in USA.
So am back to wearing the weighted silicone breastform from Nicola Jane still, very effective and only cost me £24.50 (anyone interested it is Item 6110 from latest Nicola Jane catalogue.
Advice most welcome.


i have an Amoena prothesis i say pulling it from my bra - Natural Light 1s 664 - size 5 and bra’s from nicola jane.
I use 36b and its perfect
try calling the nicola jane shop they where so helpful to me
Will your BCN nurse not give you an Amoena prothesis for free? i used my softie untl i got my appointment.

Hi Diamondlady, i had my Mx 3 years ago and have had several prostheses (size 10) i have found the fantasie belle bra excellent to keep it in place, i had the problem of betty boob slapping against my chest wall with other less full cup bras.
boob tape is ok to keep stuff in place for posh do’s but wouldn’t like to use it all the time, a bugger to get off the boob!