Has anyone heard of or got pseudocirrhosis due to chemo for liver secondaries ?,on my last 2 ct’s cirrhosis has shown up (don’t know about first ct ) onc said it could be from chemo, mets have gone ,and I’m not a big drinker so she said it might be the cocktail of chemo xx

Hi Geordiex. Great news about the mets. I can’t help you about the cirrhosis but would be interested to know more. Does it cause you any pain and does your onc intend to do anything? Angela xx

Pseudocirrhosis means that on CT scans the liver looks similar to one that is affected by cirrhosis.  It is nothing to do with the liver disease cirrhosis (often caused by overconsumption of alcohol). 


Chemotherapy (in my case, capecitabine) can cause pseudocirrhosis, but if the liver function results are OK there is no cause for alarm.


The main problem with pseudocirrhosis is that the CT scan of the liver does not give much useful information.  Fortunately for me, blood tests and tumour markers are good indicators of what is going on.


I googled “pseudocirrhosis” when I was first told about it, and apparently it can sometimes resolve (disappear) - I’ve not heard of this happening with bc/liver mets though.

Hi geordiex.  I had CT scan results this week, disease stable (blood tests also stable) but the scan report mentioned the size of a “lesion” and didn’t say anything about pseudocirrhosis.  I still think that it developed when I was on capecitabine, but that’s my own idea, I haven’t asked the oncs.

(I stopped Cape in Jan.this year, and have been on eribulin chemo since June.)

Hi ask your oncologist…im sure when chemo helps the Mets must leave a small scar tissue.:question: …I had that in my stomach lining…scar tissue on capecitabine…unfortunately it came back .oncologist said cancer like a weed.
Comes back resistant that’s why we have to change treatments.Sharon.c