Pub ban - outrageous

Pub ban - outrageous

Pub ban - outrageous I nwas on holiday last week abroad. While there i saw an English newspaper story which really shocked me. A woman from my home town in Norwich was asked to leave a pub because she refused to remove the baseball cap she was wearing to cover her chemo induced baldness. When asked to comment the manager refused to apologise but said rules were rules. Apparently, some young yobs seen on CCTV couldn’t be identified because they were wearing caps and so were banned. The woman was a regular at the pub but they were not prepared to make an exception.
I just hope the adverse publicity hits their profits.


That really sucks doesnt it! Some people can be so damn cruel. I have to say it reminds me when i was on holiday in April, just after rads had finished, we were at the airport coming home and i had my headscarf on and i had a straw hat over the top. I was at the front of the line going through security when the security gaurd pointed to me head and said take it off !!! i turned round in panic to look at my hubby and took it off, i then looked at him (by this time i was red as a lobster as ther were hundreds of eyes on me)he then motioned to my scarf and i said i cant take this off and something seemed to click in his brain and he said ok and waved me on. Phew.
I must say that i do feel that i am the only one because since i lost my hair, last october (and as most of you probly know it hasnt grown back) i havent seen one woman with a headscarf on (apart from in hospital).

sorry that should say my head not me head! havent woken up yet.

Sue the bar stewards Do you know I think she could get them under the DDA (Disability Descrimination Act) - Cancer is now listed as a qualifying 'disability - this is intended mainly to stop employers from descriminating against us in recruitment and promotion because of the fear that we’ll get ill - but the DDA does state that people offering services to the public should make reasonable adjustments to any practices and proceedures that make it hard for disabled people to access their services - I’d suggest allowing her to wear a cap would be a very reasonable adjustment …

Imagine if someone with a prosthetic limb was banned 'cos they don’t allow people to carry club like weapons, or a diabetic person was banned as they don’t allow people to shoot up with other drugs…!

LET THEM HAVE GUILT TRIPS! The behaviour of some people is appaulling and should anyone they care for get cancer let’s hope their memory comes back to haunt them.

I went on holiday one week after chemo finished and had a very early flight, with a totally bald head. Had to get to the airport for 4.30 a.m., so didn’t want to be bothered with getting the wig in line and put on a bakers boy cap (it was in early may so cool - especially at that time in the monring).

When I went through the security check I was asked if I could remove my hat and when I explained I had just finished chemo did I really have to remove my hat, the security guard told me it was okay and wished me luck. A bit of kindness that meant a lot to me at that time.

The man was a moron! Hi

The man in question just showed he has absolutely no brain! I went to a trendy bar in birmingham and had warned my friends i would not be taking my baseball cap off- the bouncer stopped me and I told him why i could not, again they were very accomodating and kind.

I have more issue with the woman on holiday who hounded me for being a lesbian because of my short hair! My sexuality has nothing to do with her! But I am sure I am not the only lady to get homophobic abuse off idots for having very short hair!

I worked with people with learning disabities…one of a the care home managers was asked to leave pizza express with clients because they were making a strange noise (the man was autistic and was enjoying his night out) anyway it was reported and nothing was done. So just shows how discrimination against the disabled goes on everywhere and people get away with it!