Puckering, dimpling, saggy skin on both breasts? Should I be worried?

I am a 41 year old overweight mother of 4. I have lost and gained large amounts of weight in my adult life on several occasions and have always had very droopy breasts, even as a teen. So over the last few years I have been well aware that my breasts have lots of saggy, papery skin which puckers and dimples in different positions but had assumed it was fine, as it’s like the skin on the rest of my body. At the weekend in a hotel room with bright light, I noticed how much more puckering there is on my right breast, I can see similar on my left but more on my right especially when I put my hands on my head. My right breast is quite alot bigger, I think it always has been, so I’m not sure whether to attribute it to this. To complicate matters my breasts have always been lumpy (a doctor called them nodular when I was 20) he told me that I should still check and if something felt unusual to see him. I have felt them in several positions and both feel their normal lumpy selves but I can’t feel anything out of the ordinary. I have made a doctors appointment, but couldn’t get one for a week but am going between deciding it’s just my saggy breasts to worrying myself sick because they have been like this for a long time. Also the fact that there is similar skin appearance on both breasts kind of reassures me? Surely if it was a sign of bc it wouldn’t be on both breasts, It is more pronounced on the right but as I say this breast is bigger and therefore heavier and droopier.

I would be very grateful for any reassurance, or otherwise, while I wait to see the doctor.

Many thanks and best wishes to you all.

hi tl41,
You’ve done the right thing by getting an appointment, as you say its highly unlikely to be anything serious, but the only way to be sure is to get any breast changes checked out, otherwise it will continue to play on your mind.
It is usual for the gp to refer to the breast clinic, so dont be alarmed of this happens, in fact the clinic will be able to give you a definite answer about what it is & can exclude bc.
take care
ann x

best not overthink it, tl41!
The anxiety when going through this does lead to the mind running away with itself, so the best thing to do is get it seen to, keep away from google & keep yourself distracted.
It will get resolved.
ann x