Puffy eyes, swollen feet!!!

I have noticed since starting chemo (have had 3 FEC so far) that my eyes have become very puffy and it seems that if I stand for a length of time I get swollen feet and ankles!!! Not something I have ever suffered from before., Being a nurse I am used to being on my feet all day.

Anyone else having this problem?

Cheers girls


i had swollen ankles, i used to get really deep sock marks on them because of the water retention and it took ages for the stripe round my ankles to fade after i took my socks off. My face and eyes went puffy the first three or four days after each tax too, and i sobbed and sobbed one night when i caught sight of myself unexpectedly in the mirror. Maybe mention to your onc to be on the safe side, but i put on and lost 7lb from one day to the next virtually with water retention and my onc was not concerned.

But other than the swollen ankles, puffy eyes and possibly hair loss(?), are you looking good??!!


Yes i have swollen feet i finished chemo 4wks ago had 8 sessions and they still swell spoke to my nurse she said that it may be water retension but my calfs wasnt swollen she also said its a side effect from chemo i had 4X AC then 4x TAX They still swell now REALY SORRY im sure they will get back to normal soon my doctor wouldnt give me any water tabs he said he doesnnt want to make problems with my liver

Hello from another puffyeyed, swollen ankled chemo survivor! Just been for my rads and met another woman who had FEC-T and is now on tamoxifen like me - and we were comparing huge puffy body parts!
the word is - it goes away eventually - but boy how annoying is it. Also wierd as it sounds nettle tea is helping me…mild water tablet type of effect i think,
cheers Nicola

Hi Bird

Water retention is a SE of steriods, don’t know how many you’re having?

I’ve got puffy face and ankles too, although I’m 7 months pregnant now and I was puffy when pregnant without chemotherapy, so I’m not sure what’s the cause.

Celery’s meant to be a diuretic, if you fancy chewing on a stick or two!

xx Jane