Pulmonary nodules

Can’t find a lot of people on here with lung nodules. Anyone have lung nodules and for long? Are they always biopsied? Just wondering if one’s that don’t shrink or resolve are always cancerous.

Hi. I have 3 tiny nodules in my lungs which showed up my first scan. So you were too small to biopsy but were thought to be suspicious. So I was put on treatment for secondary triple negative breast cancer - a palliative dose of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Nothing was found in my breast but I had swollen lymph nodes in my left armpit. After 3 months treatment I had another scan. Lymph nodes had reduced in size but the lung nodules remained unchanged. So they now think they are probably benign. So I have now been re-diagnosed as primary triple negative. If all is well after my next scan I will probably have surgery to remove the lymph nodes. I have been kept on the palliative dose of chemo and immuno as there didn’t seem to be any point in increasing in it.


Oh wow, so there is no lump in your breast?

I am ER, PR and her2+ and my cancer had spread to both breasts, lungs, liver, lymph nodes, bones - spine, femur, pelvis. Did 6 rounds of chemo with immunotherapy, as soon as I stopped treatment it was coming back in my bones. The chemo did clear up spots in lungs. I was put on Enhertu in April 2022 and have been doing really good! All of my scans and #’s are good! I’m very thankful and blessed! Have HOPE and know that God is with you!


I’m on Enhertu as well.
Have any of your Mets resolve?

No, nothing showed on mammogram or either of my CT scans! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have multiple lung mets, in both lungs. Diagnosed in Aug 22 and only 1 (the biggest nodule) was biopsied to check it was the same as my primary 9.5 years previously, it was and I started treatment in Sep 22. They have all remained stable with some shrinkage.


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What treatment are you on?

Palbociclib and Fulvestrant, and it seems to be keeping me stable……