purpose of ap with respiratory medicine?

I’ve recently been diagnosed with lung cancer (prob secondary BC), diagnosed from scans. Primary BC nearly 9 yrs ago. Been ill for mths, back and forth to GP who set up scans and bloods. Since this result I’ve now been refered to the hospital, appointment today. My question is, why have I been reffered to a doctor for respiratory medicine, and not an oncologist? I don’t know what to expect today. With primary BC I had a full morning ap with various tests. and at the end of the 3 hrs I had a diagnosis and treatment plan.


I don’t think that is going to happen today by the looks of things, and I am so worried about further delays. If theres hope, I want treatment to start NOW. Can anyone suggest what may happen today? Thanks.

Hi,iMac, I’m sorry I can’t help with your question .hopefully today the Dr will explained every thing to you.
We did have a lady on here who’s SBC disguised it’s self as lung cancer ( it’s a sneaky little B) and after a biopsy was told it was SBC in lung.
I hope everything goes okay for you today.
Hugs,Helen xxx

Hi imac, I wonder if they are still ruling out things or want to biopsy, if they can, to rule secondary breast cancer in or out? Do let us know how you get on. Hope it’s a worthwhile appointment for getting some answers for you.