Put me out of my misery!

Put me out of my misery!

Put me out of my misery! What does WLE stand for??? I’ve been reading it for weeks now but have never been able to figure it out.!

I’m thinking something to do with a lumpectomy? Whatever it is I didn’t have it or don’t have it now cos my consultant has never used WLE during any consults.

So, someone please tell me???

Jacki xx

Hi Jacki

I found this on another post:

‘It means wide local excision. The surgeon takes out a wide area of tissue around the area of the lesion (lump, or whatever). It’s also called lumpectomy or sometimes partial mastectomy depending on the amount of tissue removed.’

Anita :slight_smile:

Relief Thanks Anita!!! I feel better now!!

jacki xx

Hey jacki talk about embarrassing! I didn’t know what it stood for and I HAD ONE. LOL

Weeelll, it’s not my fault my surgeon never abreviated it, is it?..Is it?

Valerie x