putting on weight with Letrozole

Has anyone put on weight while taking Letrozole? I have read it is one of the side affects. I have put on 9lbs since starting to take it last October. I am finding it hard to take off. Has anyone got and suggestions how to lose the weight. I do try to walk as much as I can but some days feel so lethargic (which again is a side affect) I just can’t be bothered to move.

I know weight is the least of my worries but I gain weight so easily so want to get it under control.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi Melena, I’m not on Letrozloe but Anastrozole. I have had problems with weight since natural menopause 12 years ago and was very concerned that I may put more on whilst taking Anastrozole. I have been doing the 5:2 diet since May last year and despite two cruises and losing my Mum in August have lost over a stone and am still losing weight. It’ s not so much a diet, more of a lifestyle choice as once you reach your target weight you go to fasting 1day a week to maintain you weight yet you still continue to reap the health benefits. The Genesis project diet is very similar. Hope this is helpful, good luck Pat x

Hi Melena…I have been on Letrozole for about 14 months now. I do not seem to have put on very much weight according to the scales, but around my midriff, stomach I have. My skirts, trousers and waistbands of most of my clothes are really uncomfortable and in some cases unwearable. I am hoping to start on the 5:2 diet as well. I do try to eat well but unfortunately I am a bit of a comfort/emotional eater…and of course my diagnosis does tend to make me emotional and to seek comfort…

I too do the 5:2 diet & lost one & half stones over a year, but I’ve been so poorly after rads, every virus going, I’ve abandoned it off & on but maintained.  Hoping to get back to it proper next week, to lose final half stone, but I started Letrozole today so hope I don’t put weight on, which I did due to menopause I think.

I put on a stone over the first 2 years. Last summer I went on a detox juice fast retreat and nchanged the way I ate. It worked for 6 months - lost the stone, now creeping back on because I’ve been lazy with eating again. I recommend juicing - it makes me feel so much better so have started again. Good luck

Love Judy xxxxxxxxxxxxx