Hi guys, my surgeon told me I was having a lumpectomy, but I received a letter saying I’m having a central quadrantectomy with/without Grisotti flap for reconstruction, has anyone else had this surgery.

i was diagnosed with grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma.

Also, I smoke and I keep trying to stop but I’m so scared it makes smoke more ? xx


Hi when is your surgery.  Mine is on Monday 29th and I am having a batwing mammoplasty which is where a breast reduction is done as well as removing the tumour and then breast tissue moved around to fill in the gap.  I have the same provisional diagnosis as you ER pos and HER neg. I am also desperately trying to stop smoking but I cant!!!  I imagine your surgery is similar.  Good luck

My lump is under my nipple it has to come out ? I’ve got to have 3 weeks of radiotherapy which is a 60 mile round trip everyday. We have a motor home we’re considering sleeping in it instead of travelling down everyday xx

Thank you optimissy I was doing ok this morning then went and bought cigs ? my daughter rang me this morning and her smear has come back with high grade/severe Dyskaryosis ? it never ends does it xx

Thank you optimissy it seems to be an uphill struggle but we will get there ? xx