query re flying

query re flying

query re flying HI everyone, I have been browsing this site for a while and think its groovy, this is the first time i have logged on to ask a question, I have finished all my treatment, and have booked a holiday, I had a mastectomy and my lymph nodes taken out in Dec 05, and have been warned about risk of lymphodema, which i haven’t got … yet!! I am worried about flying as i have heard the cabin pressure can cause swelling, is this only if you allready have lymphodema, or can it cause you to get it??

thanks in advance
CurlyC :slight_smile:

FLYING Now don’t you worry about this Curly you just go off and have a good holiday.

You could if you wanted do some exercises whilst you are on the flight, but do what you do normally and have a great time.

We have to try to be as ‘normal’ as possible.

I have booked to go to Australia in December of this year and I intend to enjoy it.

Take care


thanks Thanks Linda, its good to know, its just worry, worry, worry!! aint it?

I was obsessed with lymphodema after I had the arm class at clatterbridge, hadn’t heard of it before that and was using my arm as normal, lifting,painting etc soon as i heard of chance of getting it i all of a sudden became very precious about my arm!! I am calming down a bit now though!

thanks for the advice, will deffo enjoy my holiday, sooooo looking forward to it,



Don’t worry I agree with Linda, don’t worry and just go and have a nice holiday.
I’ve been told I’m at high risk of lymphodema after all the treatment I’ve had but in the past month I’ve been on 8 short flights and I’m fine! I’m terrified of flying too so I can’t exercise my arm, I just grip on tightly to the chair rests!!!

Tasha x

I’ve just flown too Now you’ve got me all paranoid! I had my mastectomy and lymph nodes out same time as you (Dec 05) and I just flew last week. It never occured to me that flying was a risk and when i asked when it would be Ok to fly was told 4 weeks after treatment (chemo) had finished.

Anyway, flew to Portugal (and back) last week and am absolutely fine - i think we have enough to worry about so am also of the opinion don’t let it stop you doing things!

Have a great holiday

thanks, but another question re detox am off to Portugal too, am really looking forward to it, first holiday for about 5 years and i feel i really need it after all this milarkey!!

thanks, oh just another question while i’m on!!.. have got a voucher for a detox/body wrap, I have been reading in the comp therapies forum, which says its fine to have a massage, is it ok for a massage and detox/bodywrap as well??

oh what it is to be paranoid!! i never used to be such a worrier!!!

thanks for your help x


I just don’t know about the detox and body warp thing myself and there may well be others who could give you good advice on this one.

To be honest if it were me I am not sure I would go for it. I think I would telephone the beauty salon explain what treatments you have just had or are having and ask them if they would allow you to change to perhaps a facial, or hold the voucher over for a bit longer.

I know we all become a bit pathetic with worry but better to be safe than sorry and you do want to enjoy the holiday that you are looking forward to.

Take care

Flying Hi CurlyC

Enjoy your holidays I went to Cuba in May after finishing treatment in Feb no probs just move about a lot and do take Incect Repellent for when you get there so you dont get bitten. (boots 50% deet grey bottle) and of course plenty of Sun Cream and drink plenty of water.
Becareful on the detox/wrap check with who is doing it first (make sure they know your history)

Enjoy !!!

Janet x

Dont want to be a part pooper BUT… CurlyC

The key thing about lymphodeama is that the majority will NEVER get it regardless of what they do however if you are prone then flying is a major issue. I know as it happened to me, I flew out with a hand and returned with a paw that took months of expensive treatment to reduce and face a lifetime of wearing a horrible horrible compression bandage (believe me, Trinny n Suzanna would be pushed to find a summer wardrobe!)

That said, I absolutely agree that we need to avoid hysteria and I was at the front of the queue to dye my hair/get a fake tan anything to embrace ‘normality’

I would recommend that you do a rough test with a tape measure to see whether there is any difference between width of arms (10% is normal) and if so, ask about a sleeve for journey only to be on safe side. I wish someone had put me on alert as I suspect that I was on the edge and the flights tipped me over.

Enjoy your hols


thanks CazR Hi Caz
thanks, for your response all advice is welcome, I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that i will end up with lymphodema, its just a matter of when, so am trying not to worry about it and just enjoy not having it at the mo!!

CurlyC x