Query re Taxol after EC

Bit curious -I am having 4 rounds of accelerated EC at The Royal Marsden but oncologist doesn’t think I need Taxol. Possibly because am pre menopausal. I have a grade 2 cancer with 2 lymph nodes and hormone positive. Evidence of lymphatic invasion. Originally was just having radio but chemo seemed good idea. Anyone else just had four rounds of EC? X

Hello newbie1, i only had 4 rounds of EC and no taxol. However this was because I refused the taxol because I couldnt risk getting peripheral neuropathy being already at high risk as a type 1 diabetic. I was post menopausal with a grade 3 her2 positive tumour. After mastectomy i was offered the taxol again. I refused it again for the same reasons. I am now on herceptin and letrozole. With best wishes from Tulip x

Hi @newbie1
I am also at RM and just had my 1st EC session on Monday, I am having 3 more accelerated EC same as you, followed by 12 Taxol.
I am not menopaused yet and I have 4 x IDC stage 2 and 3 in my left breast and I am triple positive. I will have mastectomy once all chemo is done, then radiotherapy and 5 years of endocrine treatment. Not sure if you have had an operation already before starting EC? The type of BC may explain why you won’t get Taxol rather than the fact you are pre menopausal ? I must say communication on my treatment has not been great at RM, so keep emailing and chasing to get some answers.

Good luck with the rest of your EC sessions.

Take care

Thanks Tulip. I think I might give it a miss unless very much pushed x

Hi Marion and fellow Royal Marsdener!

My cancer is Grade 2 with 2 lymph node involved. Already had lumpectomy and axilla clearance and decided to go for chemo because of LVI present. X

Hi Marion

I am under the Private Patients unit at RM and find all the nurses who deliver the chemo fantastic but sometimes other team members unhelpful and haven’t been told half the things I thought would be.

Best wishes


Hi Zoe @newbie1,

I am under Private too. My chemo nurse was great and caring but I must say communication from my assigned oncologist has been poor, and same for staff who are not nurses. I have had to make so many calls and send so many emails, doing a lot chasing to get tests, scans booked etc. I can’t imagine an elderly patient dealing with all this, so in a way I am lucky I am still young.

I have started at least after waiting for 12 weeks with minimal comms.

Hope everything is going well on your side.

Take care


Oh golly that is a long wait. I started after about three weeks. I find the relay of info difficult and my breast care nurse abrupt as well as a rather terrifying sister on the Day unit! I hope your treatment is going well with minimal side effects. I find the nurses delivering the chemo really lovely tho.

Hope treatment goes well x

Thank you @newbie1
I agree with the chemo nurses, really caring. I have had quite a few side effects and dreading the next session as I know it will gradually worsen. This week should be a recovery break really, no steroids is a winner I really struggled last week with the lack of sleep and working.
I hope the rest of your treatments goes well. I will be thinking of you.
Big hugs