question about fibroadenomas

Hi all, i have posted in the ‘waiting on test results’ forum too. I am 21 and hae a lump in my left breast which was core biopsyed yesterday - this concerns me. Do they usually ore biopsy fibroadenomas to be sure? i am hanging on to thread of hope that my age would most likely be a fibroadenoma. Would they biopsy a cyst?

is this standard procedure?

Hi funkyfish,

I’ve not yet had my appointment come through but have done extensive reading about fibroadenomas (what my GP thinks I have) it seems from what the websites say that it depends on where you go and what test they favour - I could be wrong- there seem to be pros and cons to both core and FNA biopsys. I think they do biopsy cysts but can normally tell straight away (I think) if this is what it is but I keep being told everyone is different. What did your GP say that referred you- mine was 99% sure fibro - but that 1% is freaking me out!! I’m also young at 26 so not sure how much longer it will take for an appointment.

Could I ask how quickly you were seen? I’ve been over analysing completely feeling the lump checking for definitions on cysts fibros trying to confirm in my own mind!



Heya Michelle, my gp thought it was a milk cyst as i gave birth 10 weeks ago but radiographer seemed to suggest a fibroadenomas but wouldnt give me a definite. I saw my gp 2 weeks ago and got an appointment yesterday so 13 days since seeing my gp very quick so i was freaked out. I know what you mean about checking i pushed mine so much it bruised my skin. Does yours move at all? how big is it?


mines about the size of a large pea and if I push it (this sounds crazy) it seems to bounce almost away from my fingers and then back into place again (does this sound like yours? - I’m hoping I dont have to wait too long for an appointment its already driving me crazy.

Praying its a fibro- how long do you have to wait for you test results?

this is a link to caner help web site- it says that a core biopsy is more common than a FNA so please dont panic this may be why you had this instead!!




I have posted below the link to BCC’s publication on fibroadenomas for you to read.

and also the area of the website that talks about these:

Hope this helps. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Michelle, thanks for your post i think the worst thing is all that waiting then you go to the breast clinic thinking you will be leaving with answers and then you have to wait on the biopsy results. I have mine on Friday at 10 i cant think straight with all the worry & keep crying :frowning:
where abouts is yours? mine is 11 o clock on my left breast and is 1cm by 5mm. SO worried x

I just got my appointment today- snd they’ve squeezed me in due to being so anxious I feel exactly how you describe crying on and off all the time. My appointment in Thurs afternoon so I expect I will be in for a weekend of not knowing- did they give you any indications at all?

mines on my right st the bottom about 6 o’clock feels completely round but its quite deep about 5 mm by 5mm but could be bigger feels very rubbery (sounds odd!) I hope that put your mind at rest about core biopsy!! It must be really hard with your baby so small- I’m getting married in September and hoping to have children soon after that all being well!!

theres nothing anyone can say I cant distract myself hope you get sine answers soon- any idea why it takes so long?

Heya, i am sure yours is a fibroadenomas they are usually very rubbery. What do you mean by rubbery? sorry just desperately hoping mine is too. The radiographer just said that it showed signs of a cyst but didnt tick all the boxes so they need to biopsy it. ITs so so scary because some woman in the clinic were walking in and walking out with a big smile on their face obviously told straight away that it was benign, where as i came out crying my eyes out as she was so vague :frowning: It is hard with my little one, mainly because i keep getting really upset and thinking ‘will i see him grow up’ etc its horrible :frowning: I think the biopsy results come through with in 4 days so not that much waiting but still enough for my life to grind to a stop. :frowning: i hope yours is a fibroadenomas but from what you say & what i have read i would put a bet on it :slight_smile:

by rubbery I mean if I run my finger over it (sounds really weird) it kind of moves away and bounces back (not a huge amount) when they say moveable I wouldnt say I can move it far but definately moveable, it feels really round- my GP did say to me that 10 years ago he’s have sent me home wiht his diagnosis but nowadays we have to be more analytical… If you’re breast feeding perhaps this is making it more difficult to tell because of the changes that are occuring in your breasts (something else I’ve read lol) and maybe its making them harder to give an absolute on the spot.

Despite all the reassurances I know what you mean- I’ve been on the phone non stop to the hospital I’m a bag of nerves and its only now that I’ve got an appointment that my anxiety has lessesned slightly (I nearly had a full blown panic attack last night with my OH after being told by the Hospital I might have to wait over a month)

I think Core biopsy take a little longer for results hence your wait.

Sorry its horrible waiting


Heya, just to let you know it was simple milk cyst which has now been drained and gone am soooo happy :slight_smile: hope you get good news im sure you will :slight_smile: xx

actually just re read how did it go on thursday?

So pleased for you hun

I had my clinical examination last thursday and ultrasound today- its just a cyst Consultant said no biopsy is necessary and showed me on the monitor!!

Thanks for all the support good luck to anyone waiting for results!!