Question about spread through bloodstream

Ladies I realise this is going to make me sound very dumb!
Was diagnosed 6 months ago grade 1 stage 1 (I know- lucky) at 36 years old. Finished active treatment 2 months ago and I guess I’m getting to the point when I’m turning into a bit of a hypochondriac…
Anyway I found out today that cancer cells can spread through the bloodstream, which I didn’t know ? My question is, is it possible that it can spread through the bloodstream without lymph node involvement (which was my case)? I feel very misinformed.
Thank you x

Hi Thelou…pleased for you that your treatment has finished…at such a young age…hope you are doing well?  My understanding is that cells can break away from the tumour and move into the lymphatic system or bloodstream.  Your surgeon or oncologist should have told you if you had ‘vascular invasion’.  Sure you can double check by asking for your pathology report to be looked at.


It is very natural and actually OK to feel as you do…it takes time to regain the balance in your life and to trust in your body again…I have learnt to think of it as acceptance, adapatability and reassessment of my life…allowing myself just ten minutes a day to worry about the future…although 4 years post diagnosis, I rarely need those 10 minutes on most days :) 


Hope you get the reassurance you need…take care…x