Question about the surgeon who does the recon

I haven’t posted much on this site, and feel that I am exposing my niavity, but here goes!

I had a mastectomy at the end of 2006, with lymph node clearance. I asked to be referred for reconstruction when I saw the surgeon in the following January '07. BEing the docile person I am I just waited and waited. At the next appointment in 2008 I asked again why I hadn’t heard about this. I was told that it was because there were no targets to meet with a hospital to hospial- I could ask my gp for a referral and would have to have an appointment within weeks! So - that is me being too patient. I got the referral from my gp under the choose and book scheme and got an appointment within weeks.

I have just come back from that appointment and did not see the plastic surgeon, but a doctor who got information from me, and now have to wait until they send me an appointment in late April. So all the questions I was psyching myself up to ask the p/s didn’t get asked.

So, sorry for long story, just trying to give you an idea of the too patient wimp that I am!!

The question is - did anyone research their surgeon - if so how?
Were you just allocated one or did you choose?

I realise from the experience above that I just go along with the system and am more determined now to question. Any advice welcome.

Hi Lienna,

I also had mastec in 2006 and full node clearance. I asked my g p in early 2008 to refer me to an oncoplastic surgeon who had been recommended to me by another lady. I saw him and was sent away to think about it. As my chest area was still tender i didn’t get back in touch till later that year. I then saw his b.c. nurse who put me on his waiting list. In the meantime i spoke to 2 ladies who had had the same op (done by this surgeon)as was recommended for me, the ld with implant, and i actually met one who showed me her recon. I have also seen two other surgeons who do recons, as i feel you should have a choice and explore all possibilities. I am meeting with another lady who has also had op with one of these surgeons. I def think you should try and find out as much as pos about someone who is going to perform major surgery on you, and also ask to see photos.
Good luck,
Rosie x

Thanks Rosie, that is helpful. I will speak to the bc nurse - and try and find out about other surgeons, although I am not quite sure how to go about that, presumably she will advise me. The plastic surgeon I was given the appointment with is not at my local hospital but in North Staffs hospital, as I said I was willing to travel so that I got perhaps a quicker appointment after waiting so long. Having thought about it more I am now not going to rush into any decision. Thanks again for your reply.