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Hope doing this in right way. 2 questions please. Had GCSF injection after last chemo, Injection on 2nd October, It says to look out for pain in the left shoulder, yesterday my left shoulder was in a lot of pain, going from shoulder blade/neck and left shoulder, I contacted hospital but person I spoke to didn’t seem to know that much and just said to take temperature and if ok to take pain killers, which I have done, This morning it is a bit better, but don’t know what to do if gets worse. Felt quite useless last night as could seem for find anyone who knows anything to ask on a Sunday evening. Girls on posts were great support though.

Other thing, read in Independent they have identified 6 types of breast cancer and there supposed prognosis. How do you get to know which is yours etc, and are there more up to day stats, as surely now with herseptin being used, which wasn’t taken into account by the independent.

Sorry but also is there anywhere reliable we can search for new updates on treatment. stats, causes etc instead of frightening ourselves on some dubious sites.

One last thing, if you have mastectomy and other breast increased (implant) in size at the same time, then does this impede you being able to feel any lumps etc.

Any advice would be so, so appreciated.

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Hi Julie

I have posted your question in the ‘after treatment’ ask the expert thread and Helen, our expert nurse is looking at it now. She will be posting a reply in a few mintues

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Hi Moderator

Thank you, Still in middle of chemo though for the GSCF questions, 1 EC to go and 4 Tax and Gem.

Love Julie