Question post surgery

I am now 3 weeks post local excision to remove benign lump from right boob. Dressing was taken off after 4 days all heeled nicely. For the past 2 weeks tho I have what I would say feels like a lump or mass under my skin, just by where they cut into me. Now this has to be due to surgery as these lumps we’re not there before as I could clearly just feel the one lump and scan confirmed this. What is this lump/mass I can feel? It’s making me feel very anxious and down as I didn’t expect to come away with more lumps than pre op?? I called nurses at hospital who said its fine over phone but they haven’t seen it? I’m back for post surgery check on Thursday x

I had a very similar hardish mass after a WLE, I think it is like internal bruising and my BCN said it might happen. 

Its good you are back at the hospital to put your mind at rest, but it does seem to happen. I think its a bit like if you had a bad bash anywhere else you’d have a hard lumpy bruise till it settlled.

Hope you are ok, xx

Hi Suzie22,


sounds like it might be a haematoma. It’s where some blood collects on the inside of the wound that can’t escape. I have a small haematoma in one of one armpits from WLE and SNB from some months ago, but it is getting smaller now. My BCN and consultant are happy that so long as it is small and there are no other symptoms, it will eventually go. You can read about haematoma on this website. I think larger ones, or if you have any other symptoms, will be treated. 


I also now have a haematoma on my side where I had a drain taken out 10 days ago following a mastectomy. As it’s not causing me any problems I’ll just keep an eye on it for the next few weeks. If it gets bigger though I will ask the BCN about it.


But as caroluna has said, if you are anxious about it phone your BCN. Good luck.

I’ve called the breast nurses twice because it’s making me so anxious. They have told me it’s fine and to be expected but it’s ALL I’m thinking about. I’m a very anxious person and I’m my head and thinking are these new lumps, do they need to be scanned and biopsied? Then I have to try and rationalise and think that there was 1 lump
Only on scan and 1 that could be felt so these new lumps are just because of surgery. I hate over thinking!

I too am 3 weeks post surgery and was initally feeling good but now experiencing soreness around where my bra fits and some lumpiness plus some real mood swings, Breast Care Nurse says it is normal to feel like this. But I don’t like it, by the end of the day I am really sore. Going for a professional bra fitting tomorrow in the hope that it helps.

I went for my post op review and had lump confirmed as benign again which was great and they did examination and said all the lumps are totally normal post surgery. I’m now 4 weeks post surgery, what started off as lots of lumps has now moved into one massive lump they said it’s just all the tissue going back to normal said it can take like 6 months xx