Questioning my doctor

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with LCIS and sclerosing adenosis in Nov 2020. I saw a surgeon thinking I had cancer and needed a lumpsectomy to find out I didn’t. 

This surgeon wants me to only go to her radiology centers for follow up mammogram in May and to also get a breast MRI. She also wants me to take meds to prevent getting cancer since my mom had it (stage1) when she was 29. She had referred me to a medical oncologist.

I have been thinking and something doesn’t sit me with right here.

  1. My mom had the BRCA tests done and they were all negative, so why do I need to even follow up with a oncologist and take these meds? I feel like the meds should be like an option if I actually have cancer and to prevent it after that from recurring. I am against these meds because I have high blood pressure and anxiety and the side effects are blood clots which I already have those side effects with the high blood pressure, plus to pretty much go right into menopause instead of going there naturally (I am perimenapause) wouldn’t be great for my anxiety.

  2. why does this doctor insist that I only go to her preferred radiology place to get mammograms that are out of the way? I rather go where I want to go. 

  3. this doctor is fairly new and doesn’t have that much experience and no online reviews. I think I need to go to someone with more experience and the medical oncologist that she is referring me to also graduated the same year with also no online reviews. I don’t want to be seeing someone just because they know each other and graduated together and maybe he will have a biased opinion of agreeing with everything she says.

  4. I don’t understand why I have to get a breast MRI the same time as a follow up mammo, it’s not like she told me to get the mammo first, look at it then decide based on what she sees. The breast MRi is really expensive and it would be more affordable towards the end of the year when I meet my deductible. My mom thinks it makes more sense to scatter these things instead of having them at the same exact time, so maybe instead have it in August.

i would really rather instead do what I always do, get a follow up mammo with an ultrasound since my breasts are dense but the doctor doesn’t want me to get an ultrasound with the mammo.

i thought about getting a second opinion, finding a doctor with more experience and a medical oncologist that is not in the same circle as the surgeon itself.

Hi monasmadali - I have just seen your message and sorry that nobody has come along to respond yet. As you have a lot of medical questions I think the best thing would be for you to call the lovely nurses on here, the number is at the top of this page. They will be better qualified to explain and discuss LCIS and the various options you have been offered. Best wishes, Evie xx

breast MRI is dependent upon being placed correctly in the machine, I was not, yet again crap hospital staff at WUTH. It is good at seeing cancers if done correctly. I would always now ask for a 2nd opinion because some drs and radiologists are appalling and miss things that mean we face harsher treatment in the future. YOU are entitled to attend a place of your choice not the Drs.

ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion!