Questionnaire survey

A questionnaire survey on stage IV and quality of life with Amazon vouchers for participants: 

Just completed this survey. It’s for a research project dissertation on ‘Cognitive functioning and emotional vulnerability in secondary breast cancer’. You complete a questionnaire & then do some cognitive tasks - very interesting & I hope it helps. Already been sent my Amazon voucher as well!

Hi Mai 

Thanks for posting this. It’s Emily here, from the Volunteering team.

Just for anyone else who wants to complete it: The organisers of the survey have let me know the link to the survey has changed to:

The survey ends at the end of May and it can only be completed on a laptop or desktop (not an tablet/ipad/phone)

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:  


Hi Mai!

Thank you for sharing. 

I just wanted to mention that we are still looking for participants.

More information about the study is available on the research section of the forum:

If you have any questions about it, you can contact me here or on my e-mail:

Thank you!