Questions before making decision

I have a couple of questions to ask before coming to a decision.

I am ready to start making serious moves towards having a delayed recon and will be happy to be guided by the Surgeon as to what type to have but…

How quickly is it possible to get back to work after the least complicated op (no idea which one that would be for me)? And what about driving ?

How do you get time off work - do you just announce the fact?

Is lymphodema ,as an existing problem, something that needs to be taken into consideration?

Has anyone been turned down for recon - and why?

If you have lost /gained weight what happened to the recon?

I’ve seen most of these referred to on different sites but only in an historical way .I need answers from women who have had/are having treatment now or recently

Im sure I have more questions but that will do for now.

Thanks Wynn

Hi Wynn,

I am nine weeks post bilateral recon using the skin and muscle from the back, I was out of hospital after 7 days, two drains were taken out after 24 hours the remaining two came out on day 6. I was initially signed off work for 8 weeks but didn’t feel ready to go back so have had a further 3 weeks off sick. As far as getting the time off work I just announced I was going in for the recon and had no problems at all, my employers recognised it was all part of the process for treating bc and my well being. Straight after the op it is very uncomfortable and movement in your arms is restricted but I can honestly say hand on heart it was the best thing I had done, it has done so much for my self confidence and I would go through the recon again knowing how I feel now. The results are fab and I’m well happy.

I believe the diep (using skin and fat from the stomach) has a longer recovery time although there was a woman in the bed next to me who had it done, she too was out of hospital on day 7 and recovered amazing well considering she was 70 years old (great eh !!!).

Hope all goes well for you I’m sure it will.

Stay positive and take care