quick poll of people who kept lashes/brows on tax

Hi , just a quick poll, dreading thought of losing lashes/brows . can you let me know who retained/lost/thinned. Just to prepare for the event if it happens .
(finished fec yesterday due to start taxol january 9th)

thanks all

Hi Cally,

I had 4 x taxol (and 4 x AC). I kept my lashes and brows throughout chemo although my lower lashes did thin out.

Six weeks after finishing chemo when I finally started to see some hair growth on my head, all my lashes and brows fell out overnight but… four lovely thick rows of lashes grew back straight away and they are so thick and long now and my brows started to grow back straight away too.

I think when my hair (lashes/brows etc) started to grow again that the old hair was pushed out or something to let the new hair grow.

Hope this helps and best of luck with the chemo.

Best wishes,
Teacup xx

Hi cally,
Lost, both lashes and brows on tax.
Lashes were back around 3 months after tax finished, brows still quite patchy 17 months on!
Mabel xx

believe it or not - i didnt lose the hair on my head - just the hair everywhere else. Actually didnt totally lose lashes and brows either they just went very thin.

4 AC, 4 tax. Kept eye hair throught AC, but it thinned out tremendously through Tax… ouch. eyes get teary.
It is easy to hide though: with a good pencil and some brown powder for the eyebrows and some eyeliner, nobody really notice.

I lost both after chemo had finished, but lashes grew back amazingly quickly, and eyebrow pencils meant it just looked as if I’d shaped my brows properly for a change!


I had 3 x FEC and 3 x Tax (finished 21 Nov) - my left eyebrow very thin and eyelashes, well about 3 left, and my right side for some reason fared better, eyebrow fine and eyelashes, have a thin spread. But non of my friends have really noticed til I point it out!!


I lost half an eyebrow on tax, but it has grown back now (finished Sept 14). I got quite good with an eyebrow pencil.

Hi Cally

I had 3 FEC and 3 tax - finished at the end of October. Lost eyelashes and nearly all of my eyebrows. Still not really coming back yet. But as dawn says no one seems to notive nless you actually tell them.

Good luck!


Hi there!

I had 4FEC and 4Taxotere. Lost all my head hair on FEC but not eyebrows or lashes. Started Taxotere, head hair started to grow BUT eyebrows and lashes fell out.

Finished Tax 1st November am still waiting for eyebrows and lashes to return!



I had 4 AC then 4 taxol and my eyebrows just went very thin but still looked like I had eyebrows. I’ve finished chemo now and still have eyebrows but not many lashes. My eyelashes went on my right eye after 2nd/3rd tax but there were a few more on my right bizarrly. I tried to put mascaro on after 6th chemo as going out and it looked ridiculous as no eyelashes to stick to!!! also my face was quite bloated due to steroids so all looked a bit wierd.

Bought some false eyelashes -never used them as too fiddly as just went out ‘bare’.

never bought false eyebrows -by this stage, I thought, i couldn’t give a shit really what people thought if they do go!!

Hope this helps -I was very scared about this too but couldn’t care when it happened anyway!


Hello Cally
I had 3 x FEC followed by 3 x Taxotere. Most of my head hair fell out with the FEC but started to grow back after the second Tax. My brows and lashes lasted throughout FEC but thinned out on the Tax - I lost about half my brows and most of my lashes. I got quite skilled with eyebrow pencil and eyeliner and didn’t look too bad. The brows came back quite fast but the lashes took a bit longer.
Take care
Anthi x

I had 17 weekly doses of Taxol and kept my brows and lashes throughout, tho’ I lost all my head hair. I think weekly (rather than 3-weekly) Taxol is less harsh on the side-effects, and the evidence is that it’s just as good.

thanks all
on that basis looks like the taxol is the most damaging to them rather than fec. As some say I have false eyelashes waiting but cant put them on properly , such a faff ! plus dont want to look like I’m in drag !


Had 18 weekly doses of Taxol - just finished. However, unlike Potentilla, have lost most of eyebrows and eyelashes. Head hair went very very thin but that started growing back a couple of months ago whereas eyebrows/eyelashes haven’t yet. Couldn’t get on with false eyelashes and just used an eyebrow pencil - have got quite good at drawing them in in a natural way thanks to a “Look good, feel better” workshop I went on.

Good luck with the treatment.

Had 4 Taxols, lost my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes thinned dramatically.
Alison x

Just to warn you as I was quite shocked when my head hair started growing back about 3 weeks after last chemo (Taxol) but what was left of my eyebrows fell out!! But, I’ve realised that it was the new growth pushing the old eyebrows out!

But, I’ve now only got very very tiny stubble which only I can see so have been eyebrowless now for about a month.


I had 3 Fec and 4 taxol. Lost most hair on head but eyebrows and lashes stayed put right through it all . . . … . and then all fell out 2 weeks after it finished . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Alise x

Hi - had 3 FEC and 3 Tax. Lost my hair 2 weeks after 1st FEC. Eyebrows and lashes started to go but think went completely these last few weeks after Tax. Hair growing back slowly.

Can’t wait to get eyebrows and lashes back !! Love my mascara !

Liz x