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Seems like a silly question as so many of you seem to know what sort of cancer you’ve got. I didn’t ask and I haven’t been told. Would they know after the first biopsy or can they only tell after WLE? Had that on wednesday and going to see breast care nurse tomorrow. The only info I’ve got is on discharge letter which just says invasive carcinoma. I was told when I was diagnosed that whatever the result of the SLNB I would be having chemo, does that mean that they already knew what they were dealing with and should I ask? sorry, nerves kicking in now I have appointment for results on friday
kate xx


I knew that I had an invasive ductal carcinoma and it was stongly hormonal positive before my surgery but I didn’t know what grade it was until after my lumpectomy. Plus didn’t know it had spread to my lymph nodes til after SNB. They said to me before my op that I would prob be having chemo, considering my age (29), but didn’t have it confirmed until after first op. Hope that helps, personally I ask far too many question because I want to know every thing going on with me.
Em x

Kate, good luck with results on Friday, the waiting for these is the worst part, I was diagnosed 1st June and finnished radiotherapy just over a week now, it is scary but you get through it somehow

take care honey

sending you a hug

Carol xx

good luck with the results on friday. I also have my appt with the oncologist and my results… so so nervous :frowning: I have never been told what type of cancer i have or how big ( only that it was small ! ) Assuming I will be told that on friday, and my treatment pending the results from the WLE and the SNB.
I also like to know everything but then I scare myself sh**less. I am going to write every question I can think of to ask during these next 2 days and then take it with me so i can check. maybe i wont need to just seems a nice way of having a little control over something that is totally out of my control ATM !

I find that if you want to know something, you have to ask. They don’t necessarily tell you, otherwise. You can ask for a copy of your pathology report, if you really want to know all the details, but it seems to take ages getting hold of it - still waiting for mine, despite chasing, and I asked about three weeks ago.

Good luck ladies! Love Ann x

Thanks once again and sending a big hug to you all. Thought I’d be a complete wreck tonight worrying about tomorrow but I’m actually pretty calm. Think I’ve accepted that I can’t actually do anything about my results so in the morning I’ll put my face on, wear something nice and walk in with my head up and everything else crossed lol.
Suffolkscouser, good luck for your results too tomorrow, you’ll be in my thoughts
much love
kate xx

thanks Katie
such a relief, grade one tubular( tubular … duh as long as its gone i dont care what shape size or clour it was !! ) will start tamoxifen for 5 yrs and rads nov.
just read yur earlier thread… fab news re yur results. xx