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Doxcetaxol, Taxotere, Taxol, Tax - are they one and the same?

Yes i think they r

Tax ,Docetaxol, and taxotere are the same not sure about taxol.

Hi, I don’t think they are. Paclitaxel (Taxol) is colourless. Adi

I thought they were all taxanes are they not I’m on placitaxol

Docetaxel is taxotere, paclitaxel is taxol, they are both from the taxane family of drugs. Taxotere and taxol are the trade names.

If someone refers to ‘Tax’ they are usually referring to taxotere

I understand they are pretty much one of the same, the ses are very similar, and I think they are used to treat the same type of cancers, I think the frequency and strength you are given is based on each persons individual type of tumour and whether or not you have already had your surgery or whether shrinkage of the tumour is required prior to surgery, hope this helps but you could clarify it by asking your onc,