Quick Referral

Hi everyone, thought i would introduce myself.

I found a lump underneath my nipple last Saturday morning, did an e consult Monday morning and was seen by my gp that day who wasn’t happy and asked for an urgent referral, I was called by our local hospital and seen 4 days later so Thursday just gone. 

Had examination, Ultrasound & Mammogram (where they have found 2 lumps) and a core needle biopsy.

What i felt is most important from this is whilst I’m obviously worried as have been told to come and see the Oncologist Thursday for my results, the anxiety waiting for that initial appointment was the worst, the whole team were so amazing, and reading some previous posts i realise I’m exceptionally lucky to be seen so quick (I’m assuming because of my family history with early breast cancer diagnosis) I felt so at ease by the whole team I saw this week and I know whatever the outcome it will all be fine.

Reading some of your stories on here, you’re all so brave, and how grateful I am that there are groups like this so information and experience can be shared to help each other.

Katie x

Hi @Katie8  - a big welcome to this lovely forum, and thank you for such lovely words in your message, and for such a positive reassuring message. Obviously I’m very sorry to read about your lumps and referral and wanted to send hugs while you wait for your results. We are all here right with you, so chat anytime. 

You might want to jot down some questions in advance of your appointment, certainly take a note book with you. I’m sure you have been told that there are lots of innocent reasons for lumps and breast changes, but in case it’s not it helps to be able to write things down. I had my treatment about 4 years ago and still have to take a notebook otherwise I forget my questions and also the answers!

We’ll be right with you on Thursday, and if you feel like it please do come back and let us know how you get on. Best wishes and hugs, Evie xx