R1/R2 for rads anyone?er

Just thought I would share my experience of using R1/R2 for anyone that is interested, as it seems to have been discussed by quite a few people.


Their website says you need a prescription to get hold of this in the UK, but when I called their UK HQ, she said you can get it without a prescription via independent pharmacies, with a name similar to a high st bank. She gave me the PIP code to pass to the pharmacy & said if they don’t have it in stock, the can order for next day delivery.  I did this & it was in the next day. Can’t remember the price but around £14 I think (it’s on Fab Feb Rads).  


Another lady on the Feb thread tried a different branch of the same chemist & was told prescription only, but it wasn’t on the PCT list of creams & her GP couldn’t prescribe it. Just telling you that so you know you may need to try a few pharmacies or get the Waterjel uk hq to speak to them.


The sachets are VERY small. I am size 8-10 & 34c (maybe even 34b post WLE?) & only had breast irradiated.  I struggled to cover the radiation field with 1 sachet of R1. It also just sits on your skin & then soaks into whatever you’re wearing.  I ended up taking a bit of cling film to cover the area to make sure I kept the gel in contact with the skin (& saved all my shirts from getting covered). If you are a bigger size, have bigger boobs or are also having clavicle or nodes zapped too, you will need more than one weekly pack per week.

Similarly with R2, they must be designed for moles or something, because they are tiny & I needed 2-3 sachets to get good coverage (they allow 4-5 a day I think).


All that said, I have got to the last day of treatment with no redness, so I was pleased with the effect.  None of the radiographers had heard of it & were a bit anti me using it.  



After reading your experience of it on Fab Feb thread ive already sent a letter to my GP to ask nicely if I can have this for June when I have my rads, hopefully he will say yes :slight_smile: but as you say the other bank name pharmacy can supply I have asked my local one and they said no but one a little further away have said yes

Glad rads went OK

Jen x

If you can’t get this from pharmcy then you can order directly from the company without a prescription. xx