R1/R2 success?

I finished 15 sessions of RT 3 weeks ago, preceded by a lumpectomy for stage 1, grade 2 ER+ tumour found at first routine mammogram. I used E45 cream between surgery and RT, and bought R1/R2 cream from waterjel to use during RT. It was not cheap (appro £70) and my doctor would not give a prescription for it (some do), but having done some on line research I decided it was worth a try. I ordered on line and it arrived after 2 days. I was either really lucky, or the cream is brilliant, as I had no skin reaction at all throughout my RT or the following 3 weeks. I can still see the tan lines from my holiday in January and the radiologist said my skin was ‘amazing to be honest’ at the end of my last session. It was an hour home from the hospital each day and my skin was warm after each session, but cooled back to normal each time after the R1 cream dried. I have seen very few recent posts about R1/R2 on the forums, but would be very interested to hear from anyone else who has used it, to see if it has worked as well for them and is something others might benefit from. It meant so much to me to be pain free, sleep well and be able to carry on working throughout RT, as keeping everything as normal as possible has been very important to me.

I’m using R1/R2. I’ve only done 9 sessions but so far I’ve had no pain, soreness or redness. Fingers crossed it works for the remaining 11 sessions.  Like you say, it’s not cheap and the little sachets are a bit of a faff but so far I’ve been impressed.




Thanks for this ladies.  I am due to start r/t next week and have been thinking about buying this or maybe try to get a prescription.  Its good to know it works.