Race for Life - am I being thick?

Race for Life - am I being thick?

Race for Life - am I being thick? Why is it only for women? Have I missed something?

Valerie x

hi i queried this(because my son and his friend wanted to take part) and was told it was for women only because the whole thing is about female cancers.

i still dont agree, because even though it is about female cancers, many men (from sons to fathers and husbands ) still care about this issue and are involved beacuse of us.


I don’t think it really matters. What’s important is where the money goes- Cancer Research.


men men get breastcancer too!! i think maybe its a safety thing ,they do encourage men to act as marshalls on the day ,so they can do their bit on the day as well.good luck to all who are doing it this year im going into the one in weston super mare with my eldest daughter.love lynn x

Yes we do! They should let us men take part as well.
My wife did it last year with her mum and some friends and they all wore blue t-shirts to raise awareness of Breast Cancer in Men because I have had it.
I would have done it as well if allowed. Instead had to cheer on.
They could raise so much more money opening it up to everyone, after all Cancer affects everyone.

Good comments.

Stuart W.x

Race for Life I’ve just recieved a e-mail back from Cancer Research…aptly The Race for Life and monies raised by it is for ALL cancers although it is a women only event the same as the Bobby Moore one is men only, but again raises money towards research of ALL cancers, and the 10K Race is mixed sexes again rraising money towards research of ALL cancers.
Must admit i was a bit confused re the women/men only bit…but am a bit clearer now.


Unfortunately 10k is twice as far Yes, I know, that’s obvious, but when you’re a newbie jogger like my lovely hubbie 5k is managable, 10k isn’t.

He was always totally hopeless at sport as a child and constantly bullied at school so he is, I think quite justifyably, proud of his new ‘skill’. He has lost more than 3.5 stone and is trying so hard to get fit. Telling him he’d have to run twice as far is too daunting.

I know he’d love to enter and raise money for ALL cancers male/female whatever.

Thank you for all your replies though. To be honest, until he wanted to enter I hadn’t even realised that it was only for women that’s why I asked the question, sometimes I miss things.

More power to your trainers,

Love, Valerie xxx

p.s. Who? me? running? ooh, em, eh, cough, exercise? Sorry, I think I need a lay down. :o)

jogging!!! you must be mad!!! i did Race For Life 2 yrs ago and walked…there were the hard core runners…doing the 5k in next to no time…not for me!!!
I like you though still don’t understand why these events have to be split into sexes…at the end of the day its the money raised that matters.
me and my husband have signed up as volunteers for our local race this year…don’t want to cause a debate…but i disagree with paying £10 to enter…i appreciate the setting up of these events cost money…but when you consider the amount of people taking part across the country thats alot of £10’s…anyway thats only my opinion.

Come on Valerie…up you get…a quick sprint round the block!!!

karen x

Isn’t FUNRUN an oxymoron? Hang on Karen, I’ll just get my running shoes, oh look it’s raining, oh well, there’s alway tomorrow…


hey val, the sun’s out :o) i’ll be cheerin you on …

just found this thread - not bin online for a wee while.

i do agree, the whole things is a bit sexist.

my sis and her 8yr old daughter will be doing this race she mentioned it to us and my 9yr old son wanted to take part too … only to be told ‘sorry, women only’!

cancer research uk is for ALL cancers and i really do think that its outrageous that only women are allowed to do it! and the fact that even young lads cant attend - even tho accompanied by an adult - is wrong.

there now … all better, no can someone help me down off this ere soap box, i’m not meant to be climbing, 3weeks post op an’ all

all the berry vest to those runnin

loadsa luv me xxx

There are a lot of sports where men and women compete separately- football, golf, Wimbledon, just about any Olympic sport, karate,-- need I go on? Having competed in sporting events myself, I have to admit I’ve been glad of the segregation. Whilst I’ve been competent in my particular sports, I would n’t like to compete alongside men who are MUCH bigger than me. I’m running in my local Race for Life. As I’ll only be 4 months post treatment, I’ll be glad of the fact that it is only women. As for the £10 registration fee, there are other sponsored events that charge much more than that and stipulate a minimum amount of sponsor money e.g the Ribbon Walk on this site is £30 to register and min £250 sponsorship. At this point in time, a tenner is n’t a lot for me to pay out. I really can’t afford £30 at present as I have n’t earned an income for months.

As well as running the Race for Life for myself, I’m running in memory of 3 family members who had cancer, 2 of whom were men. i think this is what most people are doing. I don’t REALLY care what the entry rules are. What matters is where the money is going. And what is REALLY bad is that people have to do sponsored events AT ALL to raise money for Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Care, etc when billions can be found for stuff like the new Wembley stadium.


Is a funrun really sport Geraldine? I didn’t think it was meant to be the kind of race where people compete to WIN like in tennis etc. where the sexes are seperated.

I only asked in the first place because I was curious. I do tend to miss information somehow and thought there might have been an actual reason for it.

By the way, I’m not trying to make light of this but my husband is tiny, some women are big, I think you’d be better of with him beside you.

I wish you luck with your ‘race for life’ Geraldine. I think you are very brave to do it especially so close to the end of your treatment and that’s not being patronising, I just know how I felt after treatment.

Valerie x

Me too I’m doing the Race for Life too - 3 months post treatment, albeit walking, I’ve even walked it the past two years pre diagnoses - dont do running!!!

I agree with paying a registration fee in a way cos I would rather all the money I raise go to the charity rather than on admin for the events, however i do think some are rather steep. I wanted to do the Ribbon Walk as it is specifically for Breast Cancer but the fee was a bit much and it’s too far to go really (for me anyways).

I also agree that it shouldnt be up to the public to take part in these events to fund research - the government should swallow the expense. We could cope without the Millenium Dome for example!

Ju x

All the Best… …to all of you doing The Race For Life…
…I agree that i shouldn’t be up to the public to raise funds…and definetly agree that there alot of things that money is wasted on, as you so rightly have said The Millenium Dome being one of them.
Well I think Valerie’s original question has probably been answered…and we are now diverting from that…So all the best to all of you taking part…
Valerie…you still trying to get those trainers on lol!!!


no wot u mean …that it’s not a competition, probably a bad choice of words on my part. i just wanted to make the point that men and women are separated in other sporting activities. And I agree it’s assumed that men can/want to do 10k when there are probably plenty of men who like (not) running as much as I do. Whatever form these events take, at least there are people who will make the effort and it makes up for the lack of funds from elsewhere.

Would be nice to run with my partner but he’s got longer legs than me.


I’m doing the fun run in Leeds 4 months post treatment and like a lot of people I’ll be walking - I don’t think my legs have ever known how to run!! I’m doing it with my son’s fiance and her mum and we will be cheered on (hopefully) by the men in our lives, The are both running the race for me and Emma’s grandad and I’m doing if for those who aren’t able to do it themselves. I’m looking for ward to it - it think!

Good luck to all of you taking part.

Jan x

Race & Help I have participated in the race for life for 3 years. Without last years race I’m not sure I would have found my BC when I did. I was getting my stuff sorted for the race and decided to have a check…good thing I did as I found a lump… I will be walking this year as I am still having treatment but I will be there. It is a great day and a great cause so take part and enjoy it.

I will attempt to do the race for life this year, mid-treatment (so hope I finish it). As lots of the ladies from my company are running it, the company have kindly offered to pay all of our registration fees. I will be running it in memory of my mum who I lost to stomach cancer 18 months ago, and my 14 year old daughter is running it for ME!!

Good uck to all of us.