Race For Life - Bristol

Hi is anyone else doing the Race For Life in Bristol this weekend? Would be good to meet up. I’ll be there on Sunday

Best of luck, Buzzy, and well done you for doing it while on Tax! I am SO impressed!

Don’t feel obliged to run (god forbid!), a gentle stroll is more than sufficient.

Good luck Buzzy - sorry I am giving it a miss this year although I have run the Bristol race a few times - you have my admiration in finding the energy for this!

Sorry Buzzy, did it in Swindon in May… You will love it, amazing atmosphere and you won’t feel alone!

I’ve done it for the last 7 years and didn’t want to miss this year as my goal was to get 10 consecutive medals!
I certainly won’t be running or racing anyone this year! Just a slow stroll around will do me! A lot of my friends are doing it with me this year too so I expect it will be an emotional day.

Hopefully most of the emotions will be expressed with smiles and laughter. Have a lovely day.

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