Racing heart - Letrozole ????

Hi ,

I had surgery in Jan for lumpectomy & WLE  and last week finished my rads.

This week I have felt awful which I was warned to expect , so worked from home .

I have been taking Dr Reddys letrozole and was into my 7th week. Hot flushes in the evening , metallic taste in my mouth and nausea were the only side effects .

Wednesday night I was woken by my heart pounding - pulse of 132 and I really struggled to get back to sleep , I thought I must have had a bad dream . The high heart rate lasted all day , resting seemed not to dip below 111!

Not much improvement yesterday so made an appointment with GP , pulse was down to 109 . She ordered emergency bloods for sepsis!!! and an ECG , everything was fine without any sinus probs .

She said stop Letrozole immediately and she had to test me for sepsis because of my symptoms and recent treatment .  Go back and see her on Wednesday for results .

Has anyone else experienced the racing heart with normal BP 119/78. 

I am really quite worried ? 



How have you been over the weekend? 


Hi Bebe28

Hope you are well, when I started Letrozole, I noticed my heart beating quite fast, then it calmed down. I have been taking a calcium magnesium powder, which has been helping my menopausal bones. The magnesium helps to regulate heart function as well. 

Hopefully you will start to feel better soon.

if you need any help with supplements advice, let me know, I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist. 

Lots of love 

Hi Bebe, what a time you’ve had! I do hope you are felling better by now. I’m quite surprised though, that your GP has stopped the Letrozole. I’m assuming it was with the knowledge and permission of your oncologist? I’ve been on Letrozole for two years now, and initially had a few problems with sweats, joint pains and racing heart, but I’ve tried different brands until I’ve found one that suited. I’m also on Palbociclib which crashes my neutrophils so at one point was having a hospital stay per month as I was picking up everything going. Just had a four day stay with sepsis in my arm…no, they never did find the source! It is quite disturbing the way we zoom from nothing to something so quickly. I carry hand gel and antiseptic wipes in my bag as a matter of course now. If we locked ourselves away we’d have no life though. I can manage the racing heart, but the raised temp always indicates a problem. Thank goodness for the Braun thermometer and the emergency card! X