Rad gang

I can’t seem to be able to acess the ‘First Zapping’ post so I’ve started a new one to find out how all the members are getting on. My next 2 appointments have been cancelled due to a faulty machine!! I’m a bit cross because it means it going on into another week. a bit pink after 14 sessions but otherwise o.k.
How is everyone?
Love Julie X

Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear that your tx has been delayed. Not a good day for me today. Had number 19, feel very tired, have lower back pain, sternum pain, sharp stabbing pain and swelling in rads breast! Got pinker today and darker skin under the breast.

It has been a comfort food and red wine day!

Kat x

oof nearly all done…roll on the 25th when its all over with!
Im itchy all the time now…its torture wanting to have a really really good scrat…but cant. Ive got an incredibly dodgy sunburn patch, well thats what it looks like.
My tiredness over last 2 days has been terrible…hubs is away as well so that hasnt helped.
I feel a lot better today, just a bit achey…mind you the dog jumping up for a cuddle didnt help much lol.

Going to treat myself to a beer or three tonight methinks…oh yeah and the choccie biccies that are in the cupboard

Hi Buttons

check with your rads team but i have used antihistamine tabs to get rid of my itching…it is a lot better now but it does drive you to distraction…


Hi All, yes Lucy antihistamines an be used, also a mild steroid cream which they have offered me for terrible itching. Dont feel guilty about having treats, its much needed!
lve julie XX

Hiya gang, doing fine here - ahlf way there and apart from being fed up with the travelling, nothing to report. Looks like I’ve a few symptoms to look forward too ! Still nearly Friday and a rest for the weekend. Hang in there gang!

Hi gang

Friday again, I must say I seem to feel wearier on a Friday than any other day. So I am enjoying some day time telly, with some choccie biscuits, may have a nap later.

Skin is red but not too sore or itchy. But I do find my right arm aches for a good few hours after treatment, and today I had some sharp pains in my armpit. Anyone else get this. Luckily it seams to resolve, so hoping it is just transitory, and only two more to go next week…


Love Helfire

Hi Hellfire

Yes I get the arm aches and I was worried but now you have posted it seems likely it is parr for the course, I did have a pain in my arm pit but that went last week I only have 3 rads of 25 to go so YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2


Hi Rads Gang

I have now finished my 15 rads. Compared with chemo this has been much, much easier. I still don’t have much energy and could fall asleep standing up at times but at least I feel human again!!! I’ve not had any itching/sore skin yet just a hardish boob that’s twice the size of the other. I don’t want to wear a bra at the moment because of the swelling and even the self support vest tops are uncomfortable. So, I look a bit of a sight - a very lop(?) sided bust that has headed southwards and taken up residence!

Hope everythings going well for you all.

Jibby X

Hi Gang

Have just finished Number 13 (I just realised I have just posted somewhere else today and counted it as 11, obviously my brain is being zapped too!) and now have 20 to go! The skin is a little warm and pink, but not itching yet.

My treated breast is swelling quite a lot and feels very heavy, have finally found a bra that offers support and doesn’t leave red marks so that’s been an achievement! (an M & S maternity bra) I was prescribed some anti-biotic cream as my scar (which has caused problems in the past) has become quite inflamed and red!

I have not been feeling tired yet, in fact feel great at the moment - mainly due to the reappearance of proper lush eyelashes. They have really been missed. I have even gone back to work on a voluntary basis for a couple of hours a day. Which is making me feel normal again.

Hope that you are all well and coping with the treatment!

Enjoy your weekend everybody


Hey peeps…ive got 7 more zappings to have woohooo. So nearly all done. The itching has calmed down, been slavering on more cream. My sunburn bit has had me amused…its square shaped…how the blooming heck do you get square sunburn thats what I want to know. Got a few little raised bits, so methinks thats the start of some blisters, but to get this far isnt to bad…just got to keep slavering on the cream and hope it holds out for the next 7 sessions.
The nurse is happy with my progress which is a bonus. I keep telling the radiographers they are mean…they always have a funky foot tapping cd on when im there…which is no fair when you have to lie still lol.
The tiredness is driving me loopy…it just sneaks up on you without warning…at least with chemo you knew when you were tired…but this seems to be one second alright…next second must sleeeeeeeep lol. Ive started to feel a bit quesy for a few hours after treatment…which isnt helping. But thats just the build up of it all in your system and a smidge of radiation sickness lol…oh the joys. Im doing ok…dreading next week cos hubs has got the car so i cant cheat and drive to school and nursery…so dread to think how worn out im going to be…but still…its nearly done and I can sleep all weekend lol