Radial Scar


After a few very anxious weeks I have been diagnosed with a 6-8cm Radial Scar in my right breast. This showed up on my first ever mammogram (at age 48) and I was recalled. I was unaware of any problems.


I was told at my first Breast Clinic appointment it was 50/50 that it was cancer. My mammogram looked like cancer, my ultrasound found nothing recognisable and then I had a core needle biopsy.

After a weeks wait my results from that were benign, but I was told I needed a vacuum assisted biopsy to take more tissue and confirm this.


I had that done and had an appointment for results this coming week. However in the meantime, results came in early and I was phoned and told results were benign, no further action necessary.


This is obviously a huge relief… but I’m left with so many questions and uncertainties. I think I will ask for another appointment to discuss them at the Breast Clinic, but wondered if anyone had any experience of Radial Scars and could answer a few questions in the meantime. From what I understand they are quite rare and there are differing opinions on how to treat them, so it’s quite confusing!


I know that Radial Scars always used to be removed surgically as they could hide cancers or have cells amongst them. The fact that it hasn’t been removed worries me that this could still be the case. I’m not even sure if the vacuum assited biospy took the whole are out or just some of it!


I also read that having a Radial Scar increases you chances of having breast cancer by two fold in the future - and while it’s suggested I just have 3 yearly mammograms from now on, I’m wondering if I should pay and have them more frequently? And if there’s any other action I can take that might mitigate this happening?


Many thanks for reading

Anyone? Bump!

Hi Pebbles, I’ve not come across anyone here who has had a radial scar that I can recall so Ive had to do a Google look up. Great that it’s a benign condition but as you say there is suggestion that it’s monitored or removed so I would say contact the clinic to ask for further clarification as to the next step rather than be left worrying about what may happen. 


All the best Xx Jo 

Hi Pebbles, 


I had radial scarring removed from my right breast in 2015 when I was 39. It was discovered when I’d queried swelling in my left arm pit which turned out to be asymmetric fat. It showed up on the mammogram so therefore biopsy was attempted via mammogram but I passed out due to the pain. Biopsy was then successful by ultra sound followed by guided wire incision to remove the scarring. All the scarring was removed and no further treatment required except from 3 yearly mammograms. 

The current issue I’m experiencing and the reason I’ve fell upon this forum is intermittent severe burning shooting in the right breast and dull ache in right armpit. Bloods have all came back fine so I’m hoping a visit to my consultant tomorrow will alleviate any concerns I’m having. My Dr, upon physical examination, could feel a lump but unsure if it’s scar tissue formed from op. I’ve been prescribed Naproxen to help with pain bc currently off work because when the pain starts I cannot hide it and it knocks me sick! Plus I’m a teacher so there’s no hiding my face when it happens. Visually my breast looks veinier ( unsure if that’s even a word) and out of shape in the area where im

experiencing this unusual shooting burning sensation that is very painful and lasts approx 7 seconds. I’m trying to not overthink the issue, although trawling breast cancer forums suggests otherwise, but more trying to see if any other women have experienced this type of breast pain which is, can I state, NOT related to my menstrual cycle and nothing like symptoms due to PMS. I’m hoping that the scare tissue is causing a nerve issue and not what we all fear 




I’ve just been told that I have a Radial Scar that needs to be removed. I’ve never heard of it before and was so happy that I never asked how big it is, all I know when they were doing the biopsy that they said there was large tissue and they took samples. 

I’m waiting to have this removed in a couple of weeks but just wondering if anyone can shed any light as there doesn’t seem to be much on google but what I have read is that RS can contain cancerous cells or if big enough can hide other cancerous tumors?

Any information would be great as I’ve spent the last 2 weeks not sleeping or eating and suffering with headaches now which I think is stress related for sure. I am 46 and have ended up in hospital twice this year with Hypertension and am worried thus will happen again. I’m not a huge Google fan on health but have researched as much as I could on RS and none the wiser.



Hi there! I’m totally new to this forum. In fact, this is my first response. I read these messages about radial scars because I’ve had a total of five radial scars identified and removed and in turn searched the internet for anything I could find about radial scars. A couple months ago I had MRI-guided biopsies that resulted in two radial scars being identified. Then I had surgery two and a half weeks ago to remove a RS that had been identified from a core needle biopsy. When the pathologists examined the tissue, they saw three radial scars. So, this all adds up to me having five radial scars. They’re all pretty small. The largest one was around 5mm. I can’t find anything online about whether having more radial scars is cause for concern as far as the link to cancer. My breast surgeon will monitor me closely with a bi-lateral breast MRI every six months and a mammogram every six months.

I was diagnosed earlier this year. I was wondering if you were put completely to sleep? That is the only thing that scares me. I haven’t had any surgeries that I can remember. The main one I had was as an infant. 

That’s the plan with me as well,  through the nipple. I thought 2 weeks recovery was a little much but I just had to get a savi scout put in, went to work the next day and by the time I got home I was so sore. Now I totally understand why it’s a 2 wk recovery with surgery!

Hello! I was put out for the removal of my radial scar. The surgery was considered a lumpectomy. You’ll only be under anesthesia for a short time. My doctor suggested taking it easy for two weeks, but the recovery was fairly easy. I also had a Savi scout placed, which helps the surgeon locate the lesion for easier removal.