Radiation at the Marsden?


I’m going to be starting radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden in Feb and wondered if I might bump into anyone from the boards in the waiting area? Just thought it would be nice to say hello to some cyber-friends.


Hello Jane
I was just looking for some RT info and came across your post and recognised the beautiful baby pic!
I’m at Marsden. I have my last chemo 2moro and start RT on 28th Feb - 33 sessions, which has come as a shock as the sugery folks had indicated 3 weeks…Does this mean I’ll end up with a boob the size of a walnut? My first app is at 2pm, but thereafter I’m booked for 10.30. Hope our paths cross.

Hi Jane

Are you at the Fulham Road, or Sutton branch of the Marsden? I am not having radiotherapy - had all that done some years ago! Emma I had 35 rads sessions the first time - 30 and then 5 boosters. I had chemo and then rads as the tumour was quite large. They were going to go on to do surgery depending on how I responded it would either be lumpectomy or mastectomy but the tumour totally shrunk and they decided to do nothing! The second time round I had mastectomy first, then rads for 25 sessions. You don’t hear of many having 30+ sessions nowadays - why don’t you ask your rads team why it was decided to do it that way. Hope all goes well for you both and if you are at Sutton maybe we will bump into each other.


Hi again…
Marsden Fulham Road!