Radiation Booster

Hi. I have just wrapped up 2 days short of 5 weeks of radiation. Terribly nerve wracking experience. I thought I was feeling under the weather until I got a “booster “ of radiation Thursday. I got sick as a dog. Does anyone know, typically, how many “boosters” you typically receive? I have read all literature and I can’t find it. I go Monday and Tuesday my last days . I have made some plans to celebrate. I want to plan accordingly. If I were to get another booster-I may want to reschedule

I think it really depends on your diagnosis. I had 4 weeks of radiotherapy, years ago, with the last 5 as boosts at the end. They didn’t make me feel any different, I was just generally weary at the end. I bounced back really quickly though. Hope you are feeling brighter soon and enjoy the end celebrations.


I have had 3 weeks of Radiotherapy and next week have 5 days of boost…hoping its ok,as already quite red… :innocent:

Sounds grim hope you feel better soon. Seagulls

Wow! I thought radiation would be the easy part. Years ago you would be inpatient during radiation. So I should have expected being sick.

I missed my son’s baseball game yesterday. I felt fine in the morning-then bang! Out of commission for the remainder of the day. I guess I’m just burnt out. I guess I thought it would be better to keep sane. 2 more treatments after 5 weeks. I hope they are not boosters. I have to prepare they very well could be

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I think the radiotherapy regime in the US may be a lot different to the UK

In what way?

Do you have fifteen sessions one a day Monday to Friday and weekends off?

Every case is different. I had 25 sessions with weekends. . Tomorrow is my last!
I believe it depends on whether you have chemotherapy or not.
Does every patient have the same radiation treatment?

No every patient is assessed taking note of left breast or right breast as radiation has to be kept away from the heart and this can be a problem for women with left breast tumours.

There are lots of variations: breast size, suze and position of tumours. Cancer can be ductal or lobular so that has to be considered too. Patients may be too frail to lie still under a machine if they are older / most breast cancer patients are over 65 years old

So the treatment is tailored to the patient and their unique physique and tumour(s)

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