Radiation effects on existing breast implants

I am getting ready to have radiation after my lumpectomy and have existing implants. I have heard horror stories about malformation. Would love hear outcome from those of you who n the same situation.

Hi sorry you haven’t had a reply yet , just responding so hopefully someone with experience of this will see your post . Hope your radiotherapy goes ok .

Hi I have the same fears as will be seeing Oncologist next week to organise radiotherapy and I have implants put in both breasts following bilateral mastectomy. I have just asked the nurses the same question on the nurses bit of the forum so hope we get some advice soon x

Hi lovely, I have started my first of 5 radiotherapy sessions yesterday and I have existing implants too and hoping that no damage will be caused as well but I know that we don’t have a choice so I tell myself that if anything goes wrong I’ll have to get help and find a way to fix it…

Let’s keep ourselves updated, did you start your radiotherapy yet?

I wish you good luck with your treatment and that all will go well x