RADIATION Started radiation last Tuesday and my breast has swollen.

Is this usual or is my breast cancer getting worse.

Having a really low day, has anyone else experienced this?


Radiation Hi Jennip

I can only tell you that I had 33 x radiation, it didn’t make me feel ill at all, I had a very tender feeling in the breast and the ribs, too a bit like a bruised feeling! No swelling though. The pigmentation of my skin changed a little. If you are worried then I’d phone a hotline and speak to someone who knows more. I can’t imagine that the cancer is getting worse but I’m no expert.
Take care

Mines swollen too Hi Jennip

I have had 12 doses of radiation so far and my breast is quite swollen and very tender, I only wear a crop top as a bra is far too uncomfortable, and was warned against wearing a bra anyway. I do find that anything that sits against my breast leaves a pattern or indentations and my breast is firmer than the other one, but was also told about that. But if you are unsure do seek the advice of your radiotherapy department, I know that’s not a lot of use on a saturday.

Take Care