Radio 5

Is anyone else listening to Radio 5s discussion this morning? So many women talking about being given the “all clear” just 12 months or so after diagnosis … i really wish the health professionals treating us all would explain things properly so women understand the disease and how you dont get the “all clear” after 12 months.

Hi Katie,

I am listening and yes that ‘all clear’ did jar. One of them went on to say she got the all clear and an appointment to come back in one year LOL. What concerns me is the false sense of security that phrase brings. Women (and men) really do need to be aware of what to look out for when a course of treatment comes to an end, especially if they don’t have contact with the hospital for a whole year to their next appointment and also that it is o.k. for them to make contact if they have concerns during that time.


I get a bit concerned about this as well. Another irritant for me is that people think if you didn’t have a mastectomy you couldn’t have been all that sick. I have an aunt who is like this and she will always say “of course so and so was worse than you, she had a mastectomy”.

I did´nt hear that on the radio , but I´ve been watching a programme calle "Women Doctors " donkey´s years old , but this last week , it has been following a doctor who was treating women for BC and after the one had a mastectomy , followed by chemo ,she was given the "all clear " I could´nt understand it at all .What , no more medication ?