radio therapy

Hi anyone having Rads in preston hospital?

Hi I’m waiting for my planning appointment . I had a choice of Leeds or preston as I live in East lancashire . I chose preston as i used to live there . Have you started treatment yet ? X

Hi Aura yes ive started treatment im halfway through my second week now its going ok up to now my appointments have been on time apart from one day I had 1and half hr wait due to two emergencies…ive tried to keep my appointment round about 11am 11.45 ish…ive noticed I dont hit any traffic at that time Im about 40/45 mins drive away …ive been lucky with the parking too make sure you get your parking permit.good luck. XX

Hi tweets 123 , hope u ok with rads I read on anouther thread that you are tiered this week . Can I ask how long after surgery did you have to wait before you got an appointment . When I so the consultant last week they said I would get an appointment in the post for preston but if I wanted Leeds I could of been seen last Thursday . I choose preston just waiting now , want to get started , take care x

Hi Aura
I think it was about six weeks after my opp that I started Rads.good luck
christine Xx

Mirning Aura
We have moved iver to DARLING RADS OF JULY now hope you follow us and keep intouch let us know how you get on with your Radio Therapy .take care x

Christine x.

Hi thanks for the message . I’m still waiting for my appointment at preston . Having a crap time started with a red sore and more swelling to boob last Wednesday . Got antibiotics from Gp and had to go back to the breast clinic was told iv got cellulitis so now on my second week of antibiotics and need to be seen again next week to check how it’s doing . hope u are ok

Ps .
Will defiantly fallow the thread and keep in touch , it was nice of u to think of me .
Julie xx

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