Radio therapy


how long does each session roughly take. Are u in and out quite quickly x

Hi Avilajo,

Yes, once the initial planning appointment is done, you can be in & out within 15 minutes, but as with anything, sometimes they can run late. Also the unexpected, in my case, there was a fire alarm so we all had to evacuate the department & on another occasion, when I arrived at the suite, there was some hilarity as apparently the table got stuck & whoever was being treated at the time was having a laugh.

Once I was straight in & out in 10 mins later.

ann x

Hi,  yes its usually quick.  Good luck. X

Had my final session today and I was quite emotional at saying goodbye to a lovely group of therapeutic radiographers. Sessions were quickly done and we had a few laughs along the way. I’m sure all will go well for you but if you have anything you want to talk over here I am ( along with all the other great rads ladies on this forum) 

big hug