Radioactive lymph node dye

I’m having this done today. Can anyone tell me what happens and how long it takes ? Tomorrow I’m having my lymph nodes removed.

Hi Jood, you may well be having this done by now but it’s nothing to worry about. They literally just inject the dye above your nipple. It doesn’t particularly hurt. Look out for the blue wee and poo though. Made me and my friends and family laugh!!!

Good luck with it!

Viv xxx

Thanks for answering Viv. All done I really don’t know why I got myself so chewed up about it.
Oh, and thank you for the warning about the ‘blues’ I’d have got the shock of my life !

Jood xx

Ahh you already had it… I didnt have blue dye but the radioactive one…no blue poo here :slight_smile:
Glad it went well