radiofrequency ablation

Hi there , have just heard about this and apparently it can be used if appropriate for secondary mets, lung, liver etc. It is a radiotherapy that treats each lesion individually and apparently kills the cancer cells. I have lung radiotherapy and an op is not an option . Does anybody know anything about it , or had it done?

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Hi ruffy

It was considered for me a few months ago, to treat my liver mets but eventually felt not to be suitable. They could have done 3 of the tumours but the 4th was considered too large and too close to the portal vein for it to be safe.

There are a few people on the forum who have had it done though - Jacksy immediately springs to mind. If you look at the (very long) Anyone else with liver sacondaries thread (secondaries is misspelt on the thread LOL), she talks about it I think. SHe had it done in January/February this year.

Good luck Kay x

Hi Ruffy

I was diagnosed with bone metz to the spine and hip and was sent for 5 rounds of radio on each section to blast the little blighters, I have just had a CT scan and waiting for results to see if its worked and shrunk the cancer down. Fingers crossed its worked, think it has though cos the pain seems to have subsided now to a dull ache.

Kay did you not have the radio on the 3 tumours that could have been done, even if the 4th tumour was considered too large the radio could have reduced the size.

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Hi Ruffy

I’ve had RFA for liver mets (9 in total done in two sessions) at University College Hospital in London and i believe they can also do lung mets though im not sure of the criteria. There is a short thread on here called ‘ablation for liver mets’ that might be helpful, there’s also some useful info at the following link

Please do ask if you have any questions


Hi Ruffy,

I do not have any experience of this just wanted to wish
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Hi Karen - decided to go for a different treatment instead (SIRT - Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) which hopefully will work on all 4 tumours. Had it done 3 weeks ago - had various blood vessels blocked off (so everything went into the tumours not elsewhere) and then had radioactive isotopes injected into the hepatic artery. Won’t know if it has worked until a scan in late August though.

Kay xx

thank you all for your kind replies. I have asked my onc. for 2nd opinion referral at Uch in london , so will post when I hear any news!
Good luck to you all


Will be keeping everything crossed for you both.

Karen x

Thanks Karen - am beginning to feel nearer “normal” now (though still quite tired) but won’t know if the SIRT has worked until my scan (booked for 20th August). Trying not to think about it too much as otherwise is going to be a very very long month!

Kay x