Radiologist Dr. Couldn't feel my lump!

I found a lump in my left breast about 4 months ago. Made an appointment with my doctor to get a referral for a mammogram and an ultrasound. It was already nerve-wracking, having to wait a month to get into this appointment for these tests. This would be my first mammogram, I will be 40 at the end of this year. The shape of my breast changed especially when I raise my arms up in the air. The lump is very noticeable now that it is grown in size. The skin around the lump is smooth, and darker in color.

Anyhow, after the imaging, and ultra sound, the doc. Came in and asked me to show him where it was. He was unable to feel it. I had to take his hand and lead it so he could. I’m thinking to myself,  really, this thing is huge! They found some calcium deposits, and reinsured me that it was benign. I need a 2nd. Opinion. I know my boobs! And this just is not right. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

Dear Mellomarsh,

So sad to read your post, this is totally unfair you have been through so much. If this was me I would press for a second opinion which I know would make you feel more comfortable, I had a similar thing happened me it all turned out okay in the end it was a cancer they said I had, but then couldn’t find it in surgery so I know what you’re going through and for peace of mind for yourself push for what you need.

Wishing you well with an excellent outcome going forward, also you could call the Breast Cancer Nurses on this site you are very caring and outstanding please let’s us know how your getting on.

Biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Yes I have. I had a clear mammogram. A few months later, I noticed two raised freckles on my areola so I saw my GP immediately. She thought I might have a lump between my ribs but it might be scar tissue from surgery to remove a fibroadenoma 30 years earlier! She referred me but my husband was a wreck so I went privately. I had a clear ultrasound and the breast consultant assured me I had nothing to worry about - but he biopsied my freckles.

A week later, diagnosis 3, signs of breast cancer and an abject apology from the consultant. A second and much more uncomfortable ultrasound revealed two tumours, one hiding between my ribs, one spreading outwards (which the consultant had been unable to feel!). So…diagnosis 4, 2 tumours and heavy node involvement. I got my 5th diagnosis after my mastectomy!!

If you are unhappy about it, do go back to the GP who referred you. See what they think. The majority of referrals to breast clinics do turn out to be benign but, very occasionally, there can be oversights so if there is a lump it should be checked thoroughly. They do know what cancerous lumps feel like and it is possible you have a fibroadenoma (accumulation of fibrous tissue) which is benign. It’s also (and I’m sorry to mention this) possible that anxiety and poking and prodding have led to detecting colour and shape changes.

I hope this gets resolved so you get peace of mind. Do remember that most lumps are not breast cancer so hope for the best outcome xx