Radiotheraphy after 3moths from the chemo, to late?

Mum finished her chemo on 29th of september and will start radiotheraphy in january.The time between the chemo it’s too late or it’s ok to be a continuity in treatment?

Not an expert but I can tell you my story. I finished chemo in August, had double mastectomy in October and radiotherapy from 14th November to 4th December so quite a long gap. Chemo should have mopped up rogue cells and rads is to prevent recurrence in breast area only so that gap should be okay. x

difficult to comment really as every case and every treatment is different.I had rads a few weeks following the end of chemo,but it was my choice.Onc said I could delay if I wanted to take a rest following chemo but I wanted to get treatment over with.
Your mum could discuss her case with her bcn.There could be a reason they are delaying but if it because of waiting lists maybe she could get it done at another hospital.
Hope you get some answers.