Well I have finished my first five sessions I have another ten to do. I’m still waiting for any side affects to kick in can anybody tell me when I should start to expect this I’m feeling fine at the moment.

Hello Pink Lady,

I have just completed my first four sessions today and have 11 to go before Christmas Eve.

I found the Breast Cancer Care booklet on ‘Radiotherapy’ very helpful as it describes all the side effects you may encounter. It does say that everyone reacts differently to radiotherapy treatment. Also, the dose of radiotherapy varies between individuals.

It sounds like you are doing very well at the moment.

After the first two sessions I was OK. Now, after the third and fourth session, I am starting to get some side effects. My left boob has swollen slightly the last couple of days and my nipple is tender and ‘sunburnt’. (My tumour was not near my nipple).

My main concern is my shoulder joint which has already become painful from holding my arm in the required position during zapping. The pain sometimes shoots down my arm from my shoulder to my fingertips. It feels like a nerve or tendon has been trapped and then suddenly pings. I am starting to wonder whether my shoulder joint and/or nerves may have been hurt during my breast surgery.

I have been doing my arm/shoulder exercises every day since my operation despite having some pain. The last thing I want is my shoulder joint to become too stiff.

Pleased to be having a weekend break from my hospital visits.


Hi m sorry to hear you are having problems and in pain. So far I’ve had no relation on my breast to date. I only had pre cancerous cells I had dcis so it wasn’t in the breast or the nymph glands so I’ve been very lucky. I’m glad that I have got the two day break chance to recharge. I hope yours settles down over the weekend. Pink-lady.

Hi magical moon sorry to hear you are suffering I must be very lucky not to have any reaction yet but let’s see next week. You keep slapping the cream on hope it feels better soon. Pink lady.

Hello m I only have three more days to do then completed my 15, so far so good I’m starting to go a little red but nothing major and I feel ok. How are you getting on when do you finish yours. Pink lady.

I finished my radiotherapy on Friday. My nipple seems to be really score and tender is this quite normal can anybody tell me. Pink lady.

Hi pink-lady
You may find the following radiotherapy side effects helpful to read:

Take care
Lucy BCC