Radiotherapy after DIEP reconstruction?

Has anybody had radiotherapy after a DIEP reconstruction and, if so, how did this affect the reconstruction?


I had bilateral BC in 2013 and underwent bilateral mx with immediate recon, however, after several failed attempts at recon with expanders I eventually had a bilateral DIEP recon in May 2015.  Unfortunately, in Sept 2015 I was diagnosed with a recurrence and ended up having a ‘lumpectomy’ in Oct 2015 and started chemo in Dec 2015 and due to have my last chemo at the end of March which will be followed by radiotherapy (which I didn’t have the first time around).


Just wondered what’s going to happen with my recon?  To be honest, it wasn’t finished anyway as still needed phase 2 (tidying up/nipples, etc) but was diagnosed with the recurrence before this could be done.  Will the radiated side be smaller than the other side which has been reconstructed, i.e. I’m assuming that I’ll need both sides correcting?


Thanks for any advice.

Hi there doubletrouble (love your handle). Sorry to hear of your reoccurrence. I had a mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap recon in December 2015 and finished my course of radiotherapy less than two weeks ago. I was warned of the risk of the reconstructed breast shrinking and potentially hardening. I think it may have shrunk a little but I saw the PS last week she said she didn’t think there would be any problems longer term. She said it’d take a few months for things to settle down so it’ll be a while before I know one way or the other. Good luck.

Hi Meg this is quite an old thread .You will hopefully get some replies but you could also ask this question in the ask the nurses section .