Radiotherapy after WLE; to have or not?

Today I had some good news, was hugely relieved, although the cluster or tumour as my surgeon calls it, was a little bigger than originally thought, he did get it out with clear margins and it was all intermediate or grade 2 DCIS showing in the post-lumpectomy pathology, so I am very thankful for that.
Now I wait to hear whether the pathologist advises radiotherapy to treat any other cells in the breast which aren’t yet visible. I hope to meet with her and discuss benefits and risks.

What advice or experience might some of you have? Any benefits or risks you think of having /not having radiotherapy after a lumpectomy?
Any questions you asked the pathologist, or wish you had asked or known the answer to?

If the radiotherapist advises not to have radiotherapy, surgeon said that may or may not result in a further WLE in a year or so, if something recurs in the same breast.
If they do radiotherapy now, I think that should kill off any rogue cancer cells and should prevent a further lumpectomy being needed?
but also means, if I do have radiotherapy now, and still something did recur in the same breast ;it prevents further lumpectomy as radiotherapy cannot be repeated on the same breast (it would automatically become a mastectomy).
I realise everyone’s situation and diagnosis is different. But any thoughts would be useful and I thank you for reading this. Thank you x

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Sorry you have joined the club.
I’ve had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal for a small grade 1 invasive tumor. My surgeon suggested radiotherapy right from the beginning of my treatment plan almost as an insurance policy. After the pathology report came back confirming my tumor was starting to go walkabout he said it was a necessity.
I definitely would have had it anyway for peace of mind, but everyone is different.
Do what you think is best for you.