Radiotherapy and Fibromyalga

Hi, this is my first post. Had re-excision for DCIS high grade last Thursday 1 week after initial wide excision, thankfully Consultant chased results so second biopsy margins confirmed OK yesterday. Now to heal and told to expect radiotherapy in New Year. I did not react well to anaesthetic and surgery and feel like I have been hit by a bus this week due to my fibromyalgia, which is normally under control. Has anyone had adverse reaction to radiotherapy who has fibromyalgia  ? Feeling very anxious , thinking stupid thoughts like what if the surgeon missed anything and it grows before radiotherapy starts.



Feeling very lonely. Does no one suffer from fibromyalgia who is going through radiotherapy for breastfeeding cancer ?!

Breast cancer !

Hi Boobywoo

I have polymyalgia & my legs have been really aching. Thought it was side effect from chemo but just finished my 1st week of rads and it’s worse, feels like I’m walking in sand! Never thought it could be rads? Will have to ask on Monday as this would explain the awful aches.

Don’t feel lonely… we’re all here & you can do this ?

Lots of love

Terri xx :heart:

Thank you Terri. My legs and arms were terrible after my operations and I feel like I have been hit by a bus but that’s probably 2 ops in 3 weeks as well as the fibromyalgia . Polymyalgia is worse I believe
Wendy xx.

Hi Boobywoo,


take things as easy as you can, don’t push yourself to recover any quicker than the body can manage. I’ve got M.E. The anaesthetic and 2 surgeries wiped me out but over a couple of weeks I picked up. I’ve had a week of rads and although I feel tired it’s probably the travelling etc rather than the treatment so far. Sending love and hugs, you’re not alone x


Thank you all for replies. I have had my fibromyalgia under control for a couple of years. Really hadn’t thought of consequences of the impact of all this. I have a demanding job so thinking when ready to return to work will ask for reduced hours first week. Thankfully will have 10 days Christmas break before rads start. Really think I am not going to work during rads as work and hospital are both 25 miles in opposite directions from home ! X

Asking for reduced hours sounds a very good plan Boobywoo x

Boobywoo I don’t have fibromyalgia but the treatments are harsh enough for anybody so I’m not surprised you feel as you do. I hope you get your fibromyalgia under control again soon. Listen to your body xxx