Radiotherapy and hair colour

I am due to start radiotherapy and in my bid to keep things as ‘normal’ as I can I was wondering is it OK to still get hair coloured at hairdresser. A trivial thing I know in the scheme of things but hanging onto our old self I feel is part of all this. Many thanks

Never seen anything to say you can’t .I certainly carried on dying my hair. The only things that they advise on are using certain deodorants and shaving your armpits .

There isn’t any reason you can’t dye your hair polly unless I guess you were having Radiotheraphy to your head, it’s directed solely at the area it’s treating, keeping things normal as possible is very important , I still slapped on my war paint and did my hair regardless, may have been falling apart on the inside but I wasn’t about to let it show! All the best xx 

Thanks everyone. Full steam ahead then! X

I dyed mine just before I started treatment :slight_smile: x

Hi l just finished readiotherapy on my breast and the staff said too me l will not be able to colour hair for 6 weeks

I was told l was not able to dye hair from at least 6 weeks after treatment or 2 weeks before treatment is allowed

i have seen a response from the Nurses on the forum saying it is fine .Did they give you an explanation ?