Radiotherapy and headaches

Hello everyone! Just wondered if anyone’s experienced headaches during radiotherapy treatment? I am on my 4th session out of 15 and since starting last Wednesday I’ve had a headache every evening. I did experience headaches towards the end of chemotherapy but they went away a few days after my last session but have now returned. I can’t find anything listed about headaches and radiotherapy in any of the booklets I’ve been given so wondered if anyone on here has experienced similar? I am also on zoladex and exemestane which can cause headaches I believe but I’ve been on those for a few months now and the headaches only started last week. I will ask the radiotherapy team when I’m back in tomorrow but just wondered if anyone here could shed some light. Thank you in advance

Hi , so sorry you are suffering with headaches. I have finished my radiotherapy now but did get headaches and a real muzzy head lasting for about 4 weeks , Then it suddenly went away. Make sure you drink lots fluids . Good luck x

Yes I did . I think it may be due to dehydration , once I made the effort to drink more water they went but yes ask the radiotherapy team their advice .