Radiotherapy and holiday

I’m 7 days into 15 days of radiotherapy after lumpectomy. I have a 4 day break to Majorca booked the day after treatment finishes.

Does anyone have experience of travelling so soon after treatment finishes?

I think one of the Community Champions Jobey went away very soon after finishing - think she slapped on factor 50 and stayed in the shade - not sure it was as soon as the day after finishing though .You may also need to see how your skin reacts to rads as side effects tend to get worse as you go on .Do you have insurance to cover it if you can’t go ?

Hi thanks for your reply. I do have insurance cover, but the holiday is with a friend who I’m guessing will not be covered.

Am feeling okay at the moment, little tired at times, but am worried about the side effects going forward. Fingers crossed they will be minimal.

I’m sure Jobey will be along to fill you in about how it worked out for her -shame it’s so close to finishing - you will have to play it by ear I guess and see how your skin is - you will def have to stay out of the sun though.

I will ask Jo to come and fill you in on what happened with her .

Yes I’m afraid can get worse for up to 2 weeks after you finish .

Jo went away 2 weeks after she finished rads .Used factor 50 on boob and stayed in shade .She was fine but everyone’s skin reacts differently .Would be a shame for you to have to cancel 2 holidays .

I think the main issue is the treatment makes your skin a lot more sensitive for some time after even if you survive the rads ok.

I would chat to your freind and make her aware that you will be very fatigued after treatment, I was fine until I finished then the fatigue hit me like a sledgehammer, and I got a rash I hadnt had during treatment.

I am sure everyone is different but I was surprised by how it hit me afterwards, if your freind will carry the bags and take care of everything as you may not have the energy to, you should be fine :slight_smile:

Thanks very much.

Am trying not to let it worry me, will see how this week goes.

Hiya, I went away 2 weeks after rads finished and used 50 factor but still sunbathed , my boob was quite pink still after treatment but I had no extra reaction from the sun and didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, I’ve been away many times since and inspite of being told I would always have to be careful with my radiated skin I now use my normal 30 factor and im fine, the radiologist was quite alarmed when I said we had booked a holiday abroad and she even said maybe we should cancel so I actually went thinking maybe my boob was going to explode in the sun but nothing as dramatic I’m pleased to report, ! Go on your break you deserve it, plenty of sunscreen and cover up if you feel the need but please don’t let it put you off of going Xx 

Hi, I went the day after I finished. Travelling was fine but my skin is peeling in one spot which means I can’t swim. I’m wearing loose tops and no bra and staying in the shade - it’s great to be away!

Hi Kazjackson - have a great holiday! Unfortunately my skin peeled in two places so I couldn’t swim but it’s healing up well now. I stayed out of sun during 10-3 and wore high factor sunscreen and loose tops. Was very relaxing!

Home and glad I went. Stayed in the shade and kept away from swimming.

Developed a very itchy red rash that has got worse on my chest. Driving me crazy. 6 days now after last rad so am hoping it will start to ease soon.