Radiotherapy and moisturizer

I’ve always moisutized my body and I’ve read that during radiotherapy I will need to moisturize my breast, what cream or lotion should I use and if the surgeon takes the breast, do I still have to moisturize? Also, what do I use in the shower, should I give up shampoo?

I used aqueous cream to moisturise where I had radiotherapy a couple of times a day. As for the rest of it, I changed nothing.

I too used aqueous cream on my breast during radiotherapy and didn’t burn at all. Leave 2 hours between applying cream and the rads.  In the shower just used  simple soap and rinsed well in clear cool water. Used normal shampoo on my hair and just rinsed well under the shower. Important to pat breast dry rather than rubbing. Best to ask your team what they suggest though, as different hospitals have different views on what to do during rads . Good luck. x